Recent years have seen immensely rapid developments in the area of implantology, which is a consequence of amazing scientific progress. Dentistry implants in an excellent way, permanently restore missing teeth, creating new therapeutic and rehabilitation possibilities, providing patients with much greater physical and psychological comfort compared to conventional methods of prosthetic treatment (they are an alternative to traditional, NOT ALWAYS satisfying prosthetic solutions).


An implant replaces the tooth’s root. It is made from titanium, enabling good integration of the graft with bone, i.e. it becomes covered with bone and remains in it permanently, making it the most stable foundation for the future tooth.


The effectiveness of implants by Straumann has been confirmed by over 3000 independent scientific publications which have emerged over the last 30 years. This makes them the best researched implants in the world.


Implanty Słupsk cena


Implant prices




implanty słupsk cena  Straumann


SGS – 2.550 PLN


implanty słupsk cena   SGS


ISY Camlog – 2.950 PLN


implanty słupsk cena  iSy

Advantages of implants

  • They do not require the filing of neighboring healthy teeth.
  • Aesthetics and comfort – the aesthetics and comfort of using the new teeth is extremely close to the feeling of natural teeth.
  • Rebuilt self-confidence and improved quality of life.
  • Strengthening and stabilization for neighboring teeth.
  • A feeling of regaining one’s own teeth.
  • The implant grafting procedure is safe, while the following discomfort is no greater than after removal of a tooth.


Tooth implants are completely safe for the human body, with the risk of rejection of merely 1-1,5%


Indications for implantological treatment

Practically any missing teeth, i.e. as restoration of single, as well as numerous missing teeth, and even complete toothlessness.


Implantology procedures at our clinic

Planning of implantology treatment is preceded by X-ray examinations and thorough diagnostic examinations. These actions enable the physician to determine the dental conditions and provide the patient with options suitable for these conditions and the patient’s expectations. The course of treatment depends on the selected implantology solution. The duration and exact schedule of visits can be determined by the physician only during the first consultation visit. The implant grafting procedure is carried out using local anesthesia. This makes the process completely painless. Within several days after the procedure minor discomfort may occur, however usually it is no greater than following tooth extraction.

SGS Dental Implant System

SGS Dental Implant System – Hundreds of thousands of people around the world use the Swiss implants by SGS Dental which have been approved in the United States by the FDA and by CE in Europe. Fulfilling the strictest international norms, SGS implants provide a solution in every situation and enable patients to enjoy a pearly-white smile completely anew. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, the SGS system has achieved quality which is backed up by a lifetime guarantee given to patients.

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Straumanna products are made out of high quality materials and precisely manufactured in Switzerland.


The breakthrough innovations such as the SLActive® surface or the Roxolid® high durability material justify the innovation leader position which the Straumann company has held in the field of implantology for over 60 years.


Not many systems on the market are properly scientifically researched. The Straumann® implant system is one of the best documented thanks to over 35 years of wide-scale scientific and clinical studies and experiments, and more than 700 resulting scientific publications.


Additional information available on the website

  • Over 35 years of clinical experience and 700 scientific publications.
  • Over 14 million implants carried out all over the world.
  • Precision and quality “Made in Switzerland”.
  • A brand trusted in more than 70 countries.
  • SLActive® – a unique surface for better predictability and shorter treatment time.
  • Roxolid® – a unique material for less invasive treatment options.
  • Lifetime guarantee on Straumann implants.



Treatment procedure 
5 steps to your new smile

Accurate diagnostics, individual consultation and preparatory treatment are important cornerstones of successful implant therapy.


  • Step 1: Diagnostics and decision making
  • Step 2: Implantation – the implant is grafted into the bone
  • Step 3: Healing period – the implant fuses with the bone
  • Step 4: Your new teeth are prepared in the prosthesis laboratory
  • Step 5: Attachment of the final reconstruction


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