General dentistry

General dentistry

During conservative treatment we particularly focus our care on our patients’ dental caries. Conservative treatment amounts to dental caries prevention and treatment of existing cavities. It is a common enough ailment, that there are very few patients who have never had caries. The development of dental caries is primarily a result of the bacteria developing in the dental plaque, incorrect oral hygiene and an improper diet.


Untreated dental caries may even lead to loss of teeth and result in many other severe diseases.


This is why regular visits with your attending physician and proper prophylactics are so important. They will allow to limit the development of the illness and, in case of its occurrence, to implement dynamic preventive measures to minimize the effects of medical intervention

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The best antidote, of course, is prophylactics. It makes it possible to eliminate dental problems or limit to a minimum. At the Medicus Słupsk Dentistry Clinic we recommend prophylactic measures in the form of professional teeth cleaning. Dental plaque and tartar left unremoved have negative effects on teeth and gums. Improper hygiene may lead to the development of inflammations and, as a result – lowering the gum line, bone deterioration and loss of teeth.

How to avoid illnesses caused by plaque or tartar?

An optimal method is cleaning your teeth at a dental clinic. The procedures should be carried out every six months. There are two methods to choose from – manual, which incorporates the use of a curret, or mechanical – which uses a sander and ultrasounds. Thorough cleaning may take up to 1 hour. Even though usually anesthesia is not necessary, in certain cases it is administered to the patient in order to ensure complete comfort. At the end, teeth are carefully polished using dedicated brushes, polishing pastes and rubbers, which make it possible to optimally smooth out the surfaces of teeth. After cleaning, the teeth are additionally impregnated with fluoride.


If plaque is not removed in time, it turns into hard dental tartar, which causes recession of gums and the creation of pockets – spaces between the tooth and gums. This leads to gradual degradation of gums and, in an advanced stage – loosening and even loss of completely healthy teeth

Sealing of groves

Sealing of groves involves covering dental groves in order to protect them against harmful exterior factors, such as sugar. Sealing is used primarily in the case of young people, whose teeth are not yet affected by caries.


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