Modern dentistry offers a wide array of diagnostic possibilities which not only significantly facilitate the physician’s work, but also allow to control the process of treatment.


At our clinic methods of X-ray imaging on film have been replaced by a digital sensor which after processing allows to reproduce the photograph with very high detail and accuracy on a computer screen. Our patients have at their disposal a panoramic radiograph which makes it possible within a single photograph to see and assess all teeth of the upper and lower jaw, as well as RVG which allows to take aimed photographs, for example during endodontic treatment.


Digital radiography makes it possible to carry out actual measurements within the digital photograph taken. The photograph may be subsequently printed or stored in the computer’s memory. The image is created instantaneously – in real time. Thanks to this, the treatment process is dynamic and the examination itself lasts merely a moment. The resulting photographs may be processed by our specialists thanks to dedicated software (including contrast, sharpness, measurements, magnification) and archived for later use.  The essential benefit of digital radiography is also a reduced radiation dose which the patient receives during exposure. As a result, the examination is less harmful than carried out using a classic film. Additionally, the physician receives a greater amount of valuable information when making subsequent decisions related to treatment. The photographs taken constitute an integral part of the patient’s history stored in our archive.

The Kodak intraoral camera allows us to:

  • Create images of the interior of the oral cavity.
  • Take photographs of the patient’s oral cavity for documentation.
  • Visualize the patient’s progress during treatment.


It is a very useful tool which allows to show the patient the condition of their teeth and mucus membrane. As a result, it is possible to educate the patient in a clear and legible way and better inform them of the condition of their oral cavity. Thanks to this, the patient is able to simply imagine and understand the nature of conducted and proposed treatments within their oral cavity and see the progress of treatment at individual stages.


For the benefit of our patients, the clinic is also equipped with a Seliga microscope. Its use by the attending physician allows to see the smallest details in the structure of teeth during diagnostic procedures and during treatment. Incorporation of the microscope allows to magnify the treated area by 6x, 10x, 16x and even 25x. It is an invaluable aid during resection of the root apex, closing of inner and outer perforations, finding the additional outlets of canals, restoring patency to root canals, processing canals with an unusual anatomy.


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