Endodontic treatment is commonly called root canal treatment. Despite the name of the procedure being popular and known by practically everyone, in reality the procedures themselves require tremendous knowledge of the physician.


The course of endodontic treatment at our clinic

Chemical and mechanical processing of the root canal in order to remove dead or infected pulp and bacteria. Disinfecting the canal and creating conditions favorable for healing in the area surrounding the apex. Filling out the canal with filling material.


Endodontics itself is a special course of clinical procedure which requires many precise tools and equipment, as well as medicine and materials. Depending on the type and stage of tooth pulp inflammation the physician conducts endodontic, and in certain cases also surgical, treatment. The pulp has a high density of blood vessels and nerves, which is why it is highly sensitive to external stimuli and pathogenic factors. It is a protective barrier which protects the tooth against pathogens. Dead pulp is not able to protect the tooth and without it, much like through damaged skin, pathogens can find their way inside the tooth, attack tissues surrounding the root apex, and even pose a threat to the entire body.

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